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~The Author~


Hello, and Welcome to Country Bugs Orphanage! I suppose you dropped by to see who is behind this website. Well okay then - I'll tell you some about me.

My name is Nadine. I live in the state of Illinois in the United States of America. I grew up in Montana (lived there for 13 1/2 years). Later in 1993 we moved to Illinois after my Mom and Dad got better jobs. We moved also to be closer to my sister and her husband who had just had a baby.

1997 - I graduated High School and worked at the Vet Clinic as an "Animal Groomer". It was a very fun and eductional job! I also got to help the Vets when they needed the help with surgery and etc. That was even funner than giving a cat or d*g a haircut! : )

Jef & Nadine

1998 - I met the Love Of My Life, Jef, on the internet in a local Chat Room. When I first chatted with him I knew there was something about him I liked and knew I would in the future meet him in person and have a real relationship with him. He was also so kind and loving towards me. He actually listened to me in a way that nobody has before (and he's still like that!!). I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

The New Family

1999 - I graduated C.N.A school and our son, Tyler, was born that July. The other two kids,(Heather 9 years & Jarred 7 years), were so excited to have a baby brother.

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November 1999 - I said goodbye to longtime friend, "Pepsi" who was my special friend for 10 years. He was my kitty who I loved very much. Pepsi was very special - he weighed 26 pounds at the time of his passing. He was just an old barn/tabby cat. He is sadly missed very much by his Meowy Nadine. ~God Bless~

We have many house pets. We have several fish, 1 female hamster named "Cheese" and 1 female kitty cat named "Polly". With 3 kids and several pets around the house there is never a dull moment around here!

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